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Why Happy?

Well, if you start by believing that we are all Happy at heart then anything that prevents, distances and confuses you is merely an external complication. Think of it as a thought experiment if you like.

So...a positive outlook fixes everything?

Not quite. A positive outlook is a put-upon thing that doesn't address reality. Smiling while someone slaps you in the face in the hopes that things'll get better invites more slaps in the face. This is work that has as its starting point the belief that Happy is an internal core aspect of existence.

Happy? As in joy?

Not exactly. Happy is that core feeling of being who you are and doing what you're meant to do, that calling, that being in touch, in tune and complete. It's that inner child and intuitive part that we drift away from and try to find through external means...and fail to reach because it never left us, we left it.

How can we leave ourselves?

Exactly. My whole point. We forget. We get caught up, overwhelmed and then fight to find the very thing that IS us. Seems a silly thing, to forget yourself, but we do. And so this is about simple mindfulness and cultivating that sense of self we may have neglected.'s a religion?

I don't know about that--maybe a belief system is closer. 

Yeah, but you ARE exploring divinity, right?

Yes. That's correct--as in spiritual pursuit, an applied philosophy, a rumination on eternity and existence before, after and during mortal life. 

And Happy is your god?

Happy is a collective essence, an outlook, a precept, a centered sense of self.

And the spark of the universe, the creative origin

You're really hung up on this god thing, aren't you?

I just want you to call it what it is.

Which is what?

You tell me.

I have.

You've talked around it.

Does a label change it?

It describes it.

It hinders it. It's hard enough to try and cram all that it is into a single word in a single language and you want to shackle it with an even more problematic word like "god."

I just want you to be honest.

Oh, so I'm a liar now because I refuse to follow your limited script? How about this: I'll write my own speculative narrative where someone believes Happy to be a supreme power and tries to convert people to the cause and it becomes so huge that it implodes just to prove how dangerous that line of thinking can become. Okay?

Well, you don't have to be a jerk about it.

Bite me.

Ha! See, you're not so Happy now are you??

I'm just being honest, like you wanted, and I honestly think you are sad and bitter and prefer to deny your inner self. now you hate me?

Naw. I just think you hate yourself. What's the harm in trying to remind people to be centered and connected? It helps.

It just sounds too New Age-y for me.

Did I say this was meditation or anything like that?

So, now you're bashing people who meditate??

What bashing?? Life is hard and whatever we can do to try to help ourselves get through it should at least be entertained.

Even violence?

Wow, you are just gunning for me, huh? I get mad, okay? I get sad. And sometimes I feel like punching people who want me to cheer up when I'm not feeling it, but I also know, in the back of my mind that, deep down, I am Happy and just need to find my way back. You don't want to try it, then don't. You do you, but if you tell others what to feel then you might just get some push back is all.

You're not telling people how to feel?


Seems that way.

It's a suggestion, an option, not a decree. Take it as you see fit.

I choose not to take it.

As you like. I'm going to keep going.

Do that.

Thanks. Have a Happy day.

Don't tell me what to do.

Now you're telling me what to do.


I don't think I will.

Why am I not surprised?

'Cause you're a pessimist.

And you're an optimist?

Not necessarily I just entertain the notion that I know what my ground state is.

Well, good for you.

Thanks. Haha.

You mocking me?

No, that's how I sign off. It's a way to remind myself to stay grounded--

Go HaHa yourself.



Outlook Improvement. Mood Management. Self-Health.

Inherently Happy.

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