Happy Face


Happy Face

A smiley face is simple and plain, but a Happy face is knowing and sure.

Happy knows that all is well, troubles can be overcome, challenges accepted and contentment comes from within.

Mood Wheel Diagram

The Mood Wheel

The Primary Moods (Basic Moods):

Glad (Yellow) - joy, mirth, exuberance - Acceptance of Pleasure

Mad (Red) - anger, fury, wrath - Conflict with Pain

Sad (Blue) - sorrow, melancholy, grief - Acceptance of Pain

The Secondary Moods (Compound Moods):

Hope (Orange) - [Mad + Glad] expectation, ambition, want - Anticipation of Pleasure


Guilt (Green) - [Sad + Glad]  shame, contrition, regret - Conflict with Pleasure

Fear (Purple) - [Mad + Sad] panic, dread, distress - Anticipation of Pain

The Happy Will can utilize the Moods as needed without wallowing or fighting them.

NOTE: While Happy is usually represented in yellow, it is more accurately a brilliant, golden cascade of colors like staring into the sun, but only slightly less blinding.



The Three Great Considerations

The Three Main Happy Ways of Interacting with Reality

Art - Access the Happy around and within you

Science - Study Happy to better understand it

Philosophy - Ponder the Happy possibilities

Laugh Poster_5.jpg

L.A.U.G.H. Happy

Love the possibility within yourself,

Appreciate that other have it too,

Understand the connection that provides,

Gather with those who agree, and

Help others achieve balance and growth to realize and express the Happy within.

Love Happy

Appreciate Happy

Understand Happy

Gather Happy

Help Happy

The Happy Lessons Dude


Purge Hate


Happy Constant

The Universal Metaphysical Constant is Happy.

Having a little Happy is the same as being All Happy.

Happy Concentration is One, Happy One, All.

Happy is an absolute solution.

Even its mirror image is still Happy.

Happy Constant 1.jpg
Happy Constant 2.jpg
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