Be Happy.

You know, if you want.

Are They Happy?

Know any jerks? They're probably just trying to get through life as best they can just like the rest of us. 

(It doesn't always mean you have to subject yourself to their madness, of course).

Further discussion:

The Heart Flu

Emotions are effective tools to deal with life. The heart is a self-cleaning oven. Don't fight it.

Further discussion:

Little By Little

Trying to start or quit something all at once can drive you mad!

Better to do things gradually if you want lasting change.

Further discussion:

Unsettled Tells

Those things that you are unsure of about yourself don't simply go away because you ignore them, but can weigh you down and make change difficult.

Face them, remove them and feel lighter!

Further discussion:

The Snap

Something went off. It may have been my mind.

Further discussion:


A friend once called me unhinged, not mad, mind you. So, there's that.

Further discussion:

What You Will

(They're watching me)!

Further discussion:

How To Gain Instant Perspective

Looking at things differently is easy if you try.

Further discussion:

My Happy Way

How I cope.

Further discussion:

Instant Meditation - Funky Brain Bounce

Zone out to the bouncy art and beat. 

Instant Meditation - No Slow-Mow

Zone out to the time lapse and beat. 

How to be Happy:
Celebrate the little things
Happy is built on Happy, so collect more pieces of it.
Great Love
Do you love greatly?
(But, you know, not too greatly).
On Romance
A couple of things to be mindful of.
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