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Very Villanelle 

Yeah, so "Villano" means "rustic" in Italian and so a 16th Century Italian unaccompanied song was called a "Villanella" (it was rustic).

Then the French borrowed the word and made it into "Villanelle" (it sounds French-er) for a poetry form they developed.

That's about it (look up the rest yourself if you want).


I stand outside and watch the sky, 
Hoping, wishing that I'll see, 
The most elusive firefly.

It may or may not flutter by, 
Waiting here beneath this tree, 
I stand outside and watch the sky.

I don't know how--I don't know why, 
God lights up this little bee, 
Her most elusive firefly.

Perhaps to make us laugh or cry 
At nature's joy--A show for free! 
I stand outside and watch the sky.

I start to sing and heave a sigh, 
There's one, there's two--my god, there's three! 
The most elusive firefly!

Like stars! But look how low they fly! 
It's like they're shining just for me. 
I'll always stand and watch the skies. 
For most elusive fireflies. 


G. Bennett Ulrich    


Heart Race

A walk with her can race my heart 
So why is it she sees it not 
What steps are there to make a start?

Jump her bones? Would that be smart? 
I have some nerve, but not a lot 
(Short walks with her can race my heart).

Perhaps I should devise a chart 
Or list what qualities I've got 
Such steps as these could make a start.

Then she might say "let's never part." 
And show me to her secret spot 
A walk like that would race my heart!

A lover's feast served a la carte, 
With dishes steamed and piping hot. 
These are the steps to make a start.

For such a banquet is an art, 
Do it wrong--you ain't got squat. 
Do it right--be still your heart. 
So use these steps and make your start. 


G. Bennett Ulrich    


My Princess

To see my Princess from afar 
As she drives by in royal state 
Perched within her golden car

Brings to mind a shining star 
Captured in a gilded crate 
I spy my Princess from afar

In jeweled coach upon the tar 
A regal road her earthly fate 
Trapped within her golden car

A sheltered life--oh, how bizarre! 
I dream of ways we could relate 
Though glimpse my Princess from afar.

To one as she I am sub-par 
My soul is bleak, while hers is great 
Alone within her golden car

If she would but leave the door ajar 
I swear I would not hesitate 
To join my Princess from afar 
Reclining in her golden car. 


G. Bennett Ulrich    


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