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There Are No Words To Say

In a world where PC is too painful to spell, 
People must say "Heck" when they really mean "Hell."

"Richard" has replaced the once common "Dick," 
Doctor's needle must "Pinch" when we know that they "Prick."

Chicken eggs get "Produced" when they clearly get "Laid," 
There are far too many rules than can ever be obeyed.

So call a "Kitten" a "Pussy," and a "Rooster" a "Cock," 
Say "Ass Bra" for "Panties," "Foot Condom" for "Sock."


We should be able to talk without having to care, 
Whether we say "Short and Curlies" or just "Nut-Sack Hair."

G. Bennett Ulrich 


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