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The Juicy Pickle

I want to believe 
that all plants are born 
from the grounds of Nature.

The fertilization 
of Mother Earth, 
our Soul and Liferock.

Yet there is one vegetable 
--dare I give it so common a name-- 
that seems--Nay, is! 
born of some 
Higher Life.

That of which I speak 
--the very name of it 
showers my soul with glee 

the Pickle. 

G. Bennett Ulrich    


[This poem was the result of an automatic writing* exercise. 
Phrases were put into a hat and chosen at random. 
"Juicy Pickles" was the phrase that resulted in this poem.--Editor.]

*Automatic writing consists of writing whatever comes 
to mind under a strict time limit.  Even if all one can think of 
is "I can't think of anything" the pen must never leave the 
paper or stop moving. 


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