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*This shit is dirty, so be warned.*

Crazy Rich

I'm a regular guy, I work a salary job and I have my own place.  I've had some success with dating, but I'm currently single.  A couple of my friends are players and are always taking me to strip clubs and parties.  I like going even if I wouldn't date any of the girls I meet there.  I entertain the fantasy that one of these parties will lead to something, but I'm a little shy when it comes to one-night-stands.  That was until I went to a party up on the hill in the wealthy part of town. I didn't know the owners, but they must have been crazy rich to afford a place like that.

My friend knew the couple throwing the party and so we drove over.  The house was immense, held up by stilts with big windows overlooking the city.  Inside there were pillows and couches everywhere.  The lamps had silk scarves draped over them and the air was filled with the warm aroma of incense.  There were plenty of drinks and things to eat and smoke.  It's what I'd imagine a harem would look like.  Everyone was happy and swinging to the music.  Women were rubbing up against each other in doorways and on couches and that's when I noticed the overwhelming number of females.  There must have been a five-to-one ratio.  That's when I found out that the owners of the house were a lesbian couple.  Not only that but they had a film studio where they made their own pornos.  Then they play them at parties like this one on the big screen TVs around the place or just project them up on walls in front of which people act out similar scenes of their own.

I really dig lesbians, not just because the thought of two women together is so hot, but because they don't act all stupid around guys like most girls do.  They're easy to talk to because they like being friends with guys and I like being friends with girls.  They're often impressed by my lack of drooling too.  I've had a few lesbians so impressed by my composure that they've asked me to join them for a private party.  I was pleasant and thanked them, but I always figured they were just being nice and didn't really mean it.

There was quite a bit of bare skin showing when I arrived with my friends and by the time we got to the bar we were practically swarmed by beautiful ladies trying to push up against us.  I took a shot of something sweet and strong and then a cute Asian girl with dreadlocks and tight fitting clothes that showed off her tight fitting body offered me a cigarette that wasn't a cigarette.  I took it from her and she led me by the hand to another room where a gorgeous girl with olive skin, curly brown hair and green eyes was sitting on a bed of pillows wearing white shorts and a pink silk blouse with a bow.

I wasn't sure if they were collecting people for an orgy or what so I just sat on the pillows and looked around the room.  I was already feeling the drink and the smoke and the sexual vibe and then the Asian girl closed the door and came back to the bed.  I wondered if anybody was supposed to talk or if I was just here to watch them or what, but I soon got my answer as the Asian girl jumped on the pillows and kneeled down saying, "Hi, I'm May and this is my girl Sissy."  Sissy said "Hello." with a very nice accent.  Italian, I think.  "Hi. I'm--."  May interrupted me with, "Is it okay if we just call you Rich?"  "I guess so." I answered with a smile.  Was this going to be a steep climb to a fast descent or would I be allowed to wallow in the hills and valleys first, I wondered to myself.  Was I just a Dick to them?  I started to worry that maybe they'd use me and then kick me out after.  I knew I shouldn't have agreed to this party.

May pulled out a bong from behind a tapestry and handed it to me.  As I took a hit she unzipped my pants and started to blow me.  It was quite a sight.  Me with a bong and her with my dong and then Sissy leaned up and put one end of her bow in my mouth and pulled back, untying it.  She took the bong away and they both removed my pants.  Looks like they were opting for a steep climb.  Oh, well, might as well enjoy it while it lasts, I figured.

Sissy took over on the hummer and what a hummer!  She twirled her tongue slowly as she went up and down my shaft playing with my balls all the while.  It was very invigorating!  May, on the other hand, stripped off her tight pants and panties and pushed me back so she could kneel over my mouth.  She was shaved and delicious and I took great satisfaction at hearing her squeals of delight as I slowly licked around her honeypot.  She didn't realize she had found an oral enthusiast when she dragged me in here, I'll wager.

I relaxed my face and opened my mouth real wide to engulf her supple lips and then lapped moisture from her flesh with my wide and slippery tongue.  I rolled my whole face in her scent from the firm tip of my nose to the soft drag of my bottom lip, making sure to sweep close to the pink bud but never lingering.  I likes to tease, I do.  Then came the little kisses like you make when licking an ice cream cone.  Just a little suction and she drips.  Short kisses of tender force were driving her to distraction.  She was shaking and trying to hold on to the wall, but could only grab clumps of hanging tapestries.  She decide to just bite on them as I probed my tongue into her opening and then when I barely glanced past her button she clamped down on my head and shook all over before falling off me and shuddering into a cooing little heap.

Sissy had been going at a leisurely pace on my skin flute as she watched me pleasure her girlfriend and now she wanted to prove that she had skills of her own.  She used her tongue and lips to make the head of my flagpole shiny and slick.  She licked up the length and even cupped my balls and rubbed the spot under my nuts for good measure.  Then she swallowed me whole and sent the head of my yum-yum tree right down her throat.  It was very impressive and I started to shiver a little from the pleasure of it all.  Then "pop" I was back out in the open air and she was climbing on board.  She was already wet and I slid into her tight little love pocket with pleasing ease.

That's when things really got hot.  May had recuperated and was strapping on a dildo that she had produced from behind the bed and was applying a slick coating of spit to both it and Sissy's butthole.  This was proving to be a slight challenge because Sissy was giving me a right good fucking all the while, but then May entered Sissy's ass and we were both fucking her!  Sissy handled us like an expert, bouncing up and down with pure abandon.  She had such pussy control that she was squeezing my hard-on while she rode me.  I didn't want to finish before her so I tried to clench and restrain myself for all I was worth, but god was this hot!  Sissy squeezed even harder on my member as she shuddered and let out a scream as May reached around and pinched her nipples.  I managed to hold on without collapse as they switched angles.  I was glad they were taking the initiative because I never know how long to keep one position going.  Now May wanted a chance to suck me off while Sissy fucked her with the strappy.  Sissy was determined to give May a right good rogering and so my blowjob had the added attraction of thrusts and grunts not to mention a damn fine show.

May seemed to psychically divine when I was about to spew and she stopped before the point of no return for another change up.  Now May wanted to take a ride on my cock and so Sissy took the opportunity to get a proper licking.  So Sissy straddled my face while May picked up the pace.  They were facing each other and making out too, but I was unable to watch what with a nice pussy and a tight ass blocking my view.  I wondered for only a second how much longer I'd be able to last, because just then the door opened and then closed again distracting me from my rhythm.  May and Sissy stopped humping me and jumped off to eat each other out as I caught sight of my new distraction.

Standing just past my still wet, raging boner were two goddesses in see-through silk gowns.  They can only be described as Goddesses because they go far beyond the boundaries of mere mortal women.  Something about their demeanor, something divine in their aspect that says "I'm not trying to be better than you, I just am."  That and the fucking bodies on these two!  The first Goddess had bronze skin and long caramel and honey-streaked hair and her hips and breasts were full and visible through their silk draperies even in the smoky light of this room.  She looked at my totem pole with a certain interest and it responded by getting even harder.  Her mate was darker still, with skin the color of cocoa and completely hairless, but with breasts and hips just as luscious.  This chocolate angel knelt down between my legs and started licking my balls so vigorously that my legs started to shake involuntarily, but before I could get used to that sensation the other one stepped up to bat and sank down atop my engorged divining rod. She took her time easing me into her and I was up to the hilt before I realized it was her ass I was impaling and not her quim.  So tight and yet so much elasticity!

She leaned forward slowly and let her hair fall down on my chest.  My god, the tingles I was getting being in the center of a ball-licking, ass-fucking, lesbian-sucking delight was almost too much.  My golden queen rose up and down so slowly and swept me with her hair and breasts so sensually that I was being driven mad with desire for her to let me fuck her harder and faster.  But she was in the position of power even though I was the one with my dick up her ass!  Even so I felt like I was being adored and not just used.  Even May and Sissy joined in the fun and started stroking whatever patch of skin they could find regardless of whose it was.  I had my nipples sucked and my balls cupped and my hair stroked and my toes licked and then it all just stopped and everybody got up.

I thought I was being toyed with or maybe now I would be photographed and thrown outside with no clothes on for a good lesbian laugh, but no they all wanted something else.  They all knelt down in front of me and took turns sucking me off.  They stroked my dick with their lips, their tongues, their nipples and their slippery hands.  And then when it was just about all a mother-fucker could take they all rubbed and licked and sucked even faster and I came straight up into the air making my toes curl and my spine tingle!  They laughed like little girls as the fountain continued to issue forth my hot frothy man juice and they licked it up wherever it fell making me feel like quite the provider of good tidings.  Then it was time for them to play with each other, but my dick just would not stand down and they noticed that with mild shock.  Sissy made use of the fact and took the opportunity to plant her bung hole on my cock while the others licked and kissed and laughed in front of her.  Sissy didn't move much, just enough to keep it fun for the both of us as she got some pussy attention from the others.

I just lay my head back and marveled at how glad I was to have come here tonight and yes, that pun was intended. 

G. Bennett Ulrich


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